Benedetta and Mattia’s Wedding at “La Posta Vecchia”

Set against the backdrop of a noble residence and a picturesque sunset, this celebration unfolded with two deeply enamored spouses and a lively party brimming with joy.
Benedetta and Mattia chose to get married at “La Posta Vecchia,” a venue renowned for its stunning seaside views, luxurious spa, expansive garden for receptions, and exquisite suites for preparations.
It’s no wonder it’s a top pick for destination weddings, particularly among international couples opting for an Italian wedding, especially in Rome.
Just a stone’s throw from this splendid venue, Benedetta and Mattia opted for an intimate church ceremony, perfectly reflecting their understated yet genuine love.
Surrounded by close family and lifelong friends, the atmosphere was filled with emotion and reverence.
Following the ceremony, the couple briefly stepped away for a few precious moments to capture some timeless photos, prioritizing spending quality time with their guests.
The cocktail hour unfolded on a terrace bathed in the warm glow of a sunset, setting the stage for a magical evening under the stars. Dinner was a culinary delight, complemented by breathtaking floral arrangements by Andrea Patrizi.
The pinnacle of the festivities came with the cutting of the wedding cake, accompanied by a dazzling display of fireworks that left guests in awe.
As the night progressed, the dance floor came alive with infectious energy, culminating in a celebration that will be unforgettable.

Venue: La Posta Vecchia (
Flower Designer: Andrea Patrizi (