During the course of my studies in Law I was disruptively  overwhelmed by a strong passion for photography.  It was so strong that I decided to give up studying and started to totally dedicate myself to making my dream come true; becoming a professional photographer.
I first earned a Master’s degree in photography in a school of Rome and then worked as an assistant in a photographic studio. Since the start, when I took this complicated and winding path, I had no doubts about which kind of photographic style I would develop.

I was not attracted by either macro photography or architectural photography because, despite being very interesting, they miss an aspect that is essential to me, human feelings.


Wedding photography, and more generally everything that involves emotions, is the ideal realm where I can implement my talent of telling stories through images.

I am privileged because I will be by your side during your most important day. I will therefore be able to capture dads tearing up when seeing their beloved “little girls” wearing the bridal dress, thunderous laughter, a romantic kiss at sunset, hugs between best friends.
It’s not easy to explain what photography really means to me.
I can surely say that the search for elegant shapes and lines as well as attention to aesthetics, have always been fundamental criteria in my work.
I try to implement all these principles on the wedding day through reportage photography as I strongly believe that this is the best way to tell the story of your most beautiful day in a sincere and spontaneous way.
Life constantly puts us at a crossroads and I bless the day when I made the decision to follow the dream of becoming a professional photographer.
Now, after several years of hard work and study to improve my technique, I am proud to have received an important award and my work has been published in various specialized magazines such as “White Sposa”, “Elle Sposa” and “Wedding in Wonderland” .
Your dream starts here, and I’m ready to tell your story!