What is your style?
The language I use to tell the story of the wedding day is reportage photography; I think it is the best way to shoot authentic and spontaneous pictures.
It is a method that allows the spouses to enjoy their special day in the most natural way possible.
I am definitely attracted by the theme of marriage in particular, but more generally by people’s emotions and feelings. I think they perfectly fit my photographic style, that captures the most overwhelming emotions and is also characterized by a strong attention to aesthetics.

Do you work alone or in tandem?
I prefer to work with a professional colleague, because it allows me to exhaustively capture what happens throughout the day, from the getting ready to the party.
Of course if the couple specifically requests for only one photographer, I am absolutely available.

Do you only work in Rome or would you be available for weddings elsewhere?
I am absolutely available to follow you wherever you want, not only in Italy but also abroad.
Moreover, the possibility to often work outside of Rome is one of the most exciting aspects of my job because it allows me to see and discover new places.

Is it possible to ask you for group photos?
Of course!
I think it is very important that the spouses have souvenir photos with their relatives or closest friends.
Even if I do reportage photography, that allows me to capture the most exciting expressions and moments, I believe that group photos are also essential memories that cannot be missing in the story of your most important day.

Do you also work on post-production?
Absolutely yes. It is a determining part of my work and allows me to outline my style in a recognizable way. The play of lights and shadows, the use of warm and enveloping tones on the portrait of a beautiful couple or the black and light option, used to highlight a particularly touching moment, are all editing choices that I would never let anybody else make in my place.
I personally handle the whole production from the wedding photo shooting, passing through the creative post production editing, up to the choice of the photographic paper for printing.

What is the final product you deliver?
There are multiple solutions that range from simple DVD delivery containing the best images, to more complete solutions that can include bound photo books, in various formats, photo prints and framed photos contained in elegant acrylic cases.

How long do we have to wait to receive the pictures?
I will deliver the pictures within two months from the wedding.


Do you also offer services other than wedding photography?
Of course, the story of emotions and feelings is a priority for me.
Marriage is often only a starting point in the relationship with a couple.
It is so nice when “my couples” contact me to get nice pictures of their maternity or of the newborn.

We are also interested in having a video service, is this possible?
Of course. I collaborate with several professional videographers, each with his own peculiarities.
This variety of options offers several solutions to get the perfect wedding video based on personal needs and expectations.
A very important aspect that I would like to highlight is that all these videographers share with me the same reportage approach and this is fundamental when working in team.

How can we contact you to find out all the information we need?
You can fill in the form you find below, or write an e-mail to info@antoniocarneroli.it .
If possible, we can make an appointment at my studio, this is usually the best way to get to know each other. I will be able to show you all my professional experience and you will find all answers to any curiosity.