Shooting classic dancer with beautiful flowers

This photographic project involving a dancer has whirled in my head for some time. The idea was to feature a dancer performing while holding a bouquet.
Before giving shape and putting this project into practice, I wanted to discuss it with my friend and wedding planner Anita Galafate ( to study all the details.
While discussing with her it was funny for me to realize and understand how complicated her job is. This project entailed to find the right location, organize auditions for a dancer who could match the features we were looking for, as well as obviously the skills , choose the most adequate style for the bouquet, which had to be fitting the type of furniture and background in which it was brought.
The location we chose was the splendid Villa Aurelia (, located on top of the Gianicolo hill, that overlooks Rome.
The delicate task of creating a bouquet was entrusted to the great floral designer, Giovanni Raspante ( I was honored to be collaborating with him in such an important project.
Special thanks go to the other prestigious partners who collaborated with us: Xenia Wilson ( make-up artist, Allegoria textile Delights ( who supplied elegant ribbons for wrapping the bouquet, and Francesca Giorgi a very talented dancer who was the protagonist of this beautiful story.